There is little more seductive than a grand, yet not overbearing country house. Once known as Vale Lodge, in the reign of George I, this property was the scene of Royal feasting.

The Vale - 2018 - KF (2)
Image: Knight Frank.

In 1849, a ‘modern house’ was put up for sale in the village of Winkfield in Berkshire. ‘The residence is approached by a carriage drive sweep with lawn, flower garden, orchard and meadow. It contains eight bedrooms and dressing rooms, drawing room, dining room, breakfast room, two staircases and a stone entrance’.

Vale Lodge had not long been built, supposedly rebuilt using the structure of a hunting lodge on the Windsor Castle estate. 169 years later, the country house, now known as The Vale, no longer stands on Royal land, and is up for sale for the first time in 22 years.

The Vale - 2018 - KF (14)
Image: Knight Frank.

The house appears to have fallen into the hands of Isaiah Linwood Verity, a Major in the 92nd Highlanders, whose desperate suicide at Brompton in 1849, may have prompted the house sale the same year. The house probably didn’t sell because his son, Charles Felix Verity, soon to become a Major in 2nd (South) Middlesex Corps, later lived here.

And so, Vale Lodge, in Berkshire hunting country and close to Ascot Racecourse, proved to be a popular house. Often tenanted, its notable residents including Warine B. M. Lysley, a director of the County and General Gas Company and Bombay Gas Company, and The Hon. Arthur Henry John Walsh, Politician and Lord-Lieutenant, and later 3rd Baron Ormathwaite.

The Vale - 2018 - KF (8)
Image: Knight Frank.

Vale Lodge, with its painted stucco, was extended in the late 19th century, probably with the addition of its portico flanked by Corinthian pillars, but appears remarkably unchanged, except for the addition of an outdoor swimming pool.

Grade II listed, The Vale is on sale at Knight Frank with a guide price of £3.5 million.

The Vale - 2018 - KF (10)
Image: Knight Frank.

One thought on “THE VALE”

  1. Vale Lodge was the property of Isaiah Linwood Verity ( 1777 – 1849) eldest son of Isaiah Verity of Ash Hall, Cowbridge, Glamorgan and grandson of John Verity of Rooley Hall, Bowling, Yorkshire. he served with the York Chasseurs in the West Indies and later with 92nd Highlanders. friend of the Duke of Kent to whom he lent money. He married Married Maria Francis the daughter of Sir Frederick Steele Bt grandson of John Verity of Rooley Hall. Maria Francis died in childbirth and their son Thomas Linwood Verity died in 1840 It was possible the death of his only legitimate child that led to his taking his life. Isaiah lived in London and Vale Lodge and its estate acted as a country retreat. On his death it passed to Charles Felix Verity (1823-19030 educated at Lincoln College Oxford, Maj. 2nd Middlesex Riffles, married 1852 Elizabeth Anne daughter of George Godwin (architect), he lived in Wellington Square, 5 children brought up at Vale Lodge. On his death Vale Lodge passed to his eldest son Charles Errington Mason Verity (1858 -1921).


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